Now, this is curious.

I never do anything like this; in fact, my oldskool Blogger account is SO oldskool that my oldest blog in it has options in the Settings which aren't even available to more recent users.

That said, anything shiny and new, I have to be on the bandwagon (but of course, what's a geek to do) so here we are - Blogger Beta.

I am liking this interface, I look forward to when I can convert my old account over so as to take advantage of all these new features - I especially like the dynamic Template editor, you can pick a template from the list and then customise it with a handy drag-and-drop interface to suit your liking. That's pretty cool. In fact, all of the template screens have had a refresh, with increased in-browser flexibility for customisation without having to be well-versed in CSS/HTML (although, like in oldskool Blogger, you can enter it manually if you want).

The Create Post screen has a few small updates too, most notably an inline tags box (well, they call it 'labels' - I guess it pings Technorati and/or similar aggregators with the tags you've specified.

More coming soon, when I've had a proper chance to fully check it out - it's 4:27am now, and I have to be in Uni, in the recording studio (I'm doing BSc. Music Technology, so there's a lot of studio work) at 8am. Yay for me.

Until next time...


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