Here's a handy little search engine I stumbled across the other day -, a bilingual English/Mongolian search engine, currently in beta. Created by the designer of, a categorised worldwide news aggregator web site (in English), BYWav's main aim is to provide search services by way of its Super Search, and - the most interesting feature - an English/Mongolian dictionary service, right from the search box. You search for a word, for example "name", and it produces a list of all the various Mongolian equivalents, along with their phonetic pronunciations. The dictionary isn't complete up to the point where it has context for each different interpretation, but for anybody either learning the language or looking for variations on a particular word, this site has to be really quite useful.

I know how to say 'feckless' in Mongolian now, so the day wasn't a total loss!

Check it out for yourself:


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