Joost have recently publicised their Joost Feeds feature available to its users. In a nutshell, it's RSS feeds for new content. They've got a ton of 'em, too: Selected picks feeds, Genre feeds, News feeds and Forum feeds. The pick of the bunch for me from the recent updates is The Onion News Network's video feed - their stuff has always amused me, it's the perfect blend of sarcasm, cynicism, subtle humour and a good dollop of irony. Sometimes their articles have even left me in doubt as to whether what they're talking about actually has a grain of truth to it - and I know for a fact it's parody ;) Joost is worth checking out if only for The Onion's stuff.

Unfortunately, every time Joost does an ad campaign, it means that the world and his wife checks out all the content they've advertised - meaning all the new content is going to be seen by everyone, resulting in a dearth of decent stuff "you've discovered" (because hey, if everybody else has seen it before you, what gives you the cool factor edge?)

...Cynical, moi? Oh, also, don't forget that there's other alternatives available rather than just sticking with Joost, some of which aren't half bad at all. Tubecast takes the video-over-internet concept on a little differently, and the interface (whilst still alpha) is quite neat and tidy.


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