I've been taking a load of photos for one of my other sites recently, and adding some of them to Flickr for the Birmingham groups - and one of my biggest hassles has been geotagging each photo.

I have a Bluetooth GPS receiver which I use with my PDA for its satnav software, which outputs its data in the standard NMEA format - so why can't I just fire up a Bluetooth interface on my camera, sync it with the GPS receiver, and automatically have it add the GPS coordinates to the EXIF data for each image? I know there's some VERY high end DSLRs that offer this facility, either through integrated GPS or a dock/holster-style fitting for a compatible external receiver... But this shouldn't be something which is purely the reserve of well-off pro-ams or industry professionals. The technology is freely available and already quite cheap, so in the age of the Semantic Web and an ever-increasing insistence on metadata-for-everything, why is this whole process such an arduous one complete?

Web 3 will never take off if it's as long-winded as this to input data into the Matrix in the first place - never mind extract it at a later date...


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