Update, 31/08/2008: you can now download a PDF of this guide
for handy offline reference (or prettier printouts), 
To download the guide, click here (v1.1b, Acrobat Reader >=v6 compatible, filesize: 83Kb).

Have you struggled at the hands of outdated or vague psyBNC setup guides? psyBNC is a wonderful application, but it's like flailing about in a dark room trying to find the lightswitch if you've not done it before. So, I spent a couple of hours writing up my experiences (and a guide for others) for setting up and configuring a psyBNC shell, from scratch, for multiple networks - the article is on my personal blog.

I was compelled to write it because the existing tutorials, FAQs and guides are all over the place in terms of accuracy and legibility - hopefully my step-by-step guide will be easy enough to follow that anybody can just equip themselves with a couple of basic tools and be up and running within 15 minutes.

It's published under a CC licence, so do as you will with it! As the readership of my personal blog is quite small, I thought crossposting it to here be of some use - If it helps you, post back in the comments! The full link to the tutorial is http://kerblam.co.uk/2008/04/definitive-2008-guide-to-multi-network.php. Enjoy :)

PS - when I get handy enough with psyBNC scripting, I'll post up some of my scripts and write another little reference to help newbie coders. It's not got a great scripting engine, but you can code in some useful shortcuts to speed up your daily goings-on. I'm still learning the ropes, but it's not too tough to understand the basic syntax. Why don't you have a go in the meantime!


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