As mad as it may seem, Amazon(.com) has come a long way from its origins of hard- and paper back books. For a long time it's sold electronics, watches, healthcare items, later expanding into home and garden products, and even jewellery and clothing.

I received an interesting email from Amazon Associates this morning, though... And when I clicked through from the email, I was greeted with this:

Somehow, the beta label diffuses the weirdness somewhat. Now I've seen everything...

So, grocery? This was something I, honestly, didn't expect. I'm not overly shocked by their decision, I suppose it's only natural. Look, see for yourself - I'm not kidding. This is what Amazon itself says about this new service:

  • We offer more than 22,000 non-perishable grocery items--and [their] selection is growing every day
  • We can ship all products for free, via Super Saver Shipping, Amazon Prime, or free standard shipping
  • We have great everyday prices plus special offers on your favorite brands
  • We make it exceptionally easy to find products you buy routinely, or to discover new items we think you'll like
It looks like they're serious about this! The list of items they sell is huge; from baby food to canned fruit, cereals, pet supplies, herbs and seasoning, even pet food. Some of the ready meals ('boxed meals'? How quaint) have made me mighty hungry to boot, so I'll be diving into the kitchen shortly to warm up the other half of last night's dinner (because being a student, I always cook for two nights then stick the next night's worth in the fridge!)

I'm a UK resident so Amazon Grocery hasn't quite made its way across the pond yet. However, I'm sure that when it does, I'll be one of the first to give it a spin and see how it fares. I'm not entirely sure what'd happen if I ordered a book and some Coco Pops in one go though - would they just squash the cereal into one of those book-sized cardboard packages?

What about if I ordered mayonnaise? Hmm...


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